Home Server


I will buy, install and configure a cheap mini-server that you can keep in your home.


If you are sick and tired of faulty, limited and pricey file sharing services such as wetransfer, soundcloud, email attachments, google drive; if you don't want to feel constrained by storage limits, then your very own home server is the most simple - as well as underestimated - solution. I will setup your very own FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. FTP is supported by all operating systems and does not require the use of the browser.


Same concept applies to running your website from home. You won't depend on webhosting companies and will have full power on customizing all the software equipment that your website needs, including libraries, frameworks, programming languages and database management systems.

Open Source Software

Autonomy means having the power on using the software that you want whenever you want, free of charge. This is possible with Open Source Software, such as the operating system Linux. Linux is powering the home server.